Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Thomas's 2nd Birthday

I know I'm a month late getting this posted. But finally got to the photos from my camera. My computer is so slow it took forever to even get them loaded.

Since we have pretty much every toy on the planet there wasn't much we wanted to GET Thomas. But I knew he would love balloons so I picked some up the day before and had them waiting for him when he woke up. I also decorated the house like I normally do for all their birthdays. He loved the balloons. 

His birthday was on a Sunday so it was fun that we were all home in the morning. We were able to do presents in the morning before our church activity. There wasn't church that day because it was the summer picnic. Which we told Thomas was his birthday party celebration :-D 

He opened his presents with the help of six other hands of course. 

He LOVED this car from Grandpa Del.

He's really into music and loved his drum from Grandma Cindy:

They played for a while until it was time to go to the church picnic. It was a hot day, perfect for playing at the park.

That evening we finished the celebration with a walk to Yum for dessert. We brought along candles so we could sing and celebrate. 

He got another package a couple days later from Grandma Judy, to add to his musical collection

He's such a joy and is loved SOOO much by everyone in the family. The girls get a little too hands on and he's starting to stand up for himself. His words and sentences are starting to pop and on his birthday he started saying "elevator" because of his batman house that has an elevator. He also says "I don't know" as well as many other words but those stick out. He's very independent and has loved watching his siblings at swim camp. He demonstrates what he's learned just from watching at home in the bathtub. He floats and kicks and is so proud. He doesn't like to sleep during the day for fear of missing out and he LOVES when he makes everyone laugh. He's discovered the word "no" and "mine" and uses them freely. He sure does know how to get what he wants as the baby of the family, but also gets dragged to everything so is pretty go with the flow. He loves books, pointing out the moon, reading Little Blue Truck and says "beep, beep, beep". His favorite bedtime songs are: row row, choo choo, twinkle little start, su la lee, and hurry hurry drive the fire truck. He sleeps with his bunny that daddy brought back from Amsterdam and LOVES play with his little phone. He has that thing figured out with puzzles, word games, and the bird videos. He loves oranges and peels his own. Pretty  much eats anything. He's so fun and still snuggling. Loves riding in the stroller and going for a run with either me or daddy. He's a great little shopping helper when I need to run errands and has two speeds: running or sleeping. He runs everywhere he goes. 

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