Monday, July 8, 2019

New Front Steps

Our front steps needed a face lift. Shortly after we moved in we sealed up a bunch of the cracks, then one winter in the thaw - freeze - thaw stage of weather it really cracked and popped up. We let it go for a year, got some bids last fall then left it for the winter and knew we'd need to tackle it this spring. Actually last fall I reached out to 3 or 4 companies and only ONE got back to me with a bid!!! I had better luck this spring and got three solid bids before choosing who we'd use. Got them scheduled in April and they got us on their calendar as soon as was available which happened to be end of June. It was suppose to get demo'd on Thursday and poured on Friday. But the rain kept them away so they weren't able to demo the stairs until Friday, June 28th. 

Before shots:

The arrived JUST as I got Thomas down for a nap. Luckily Thomas can sleep through anything and slept the entire time they were banging, sledge hammering, and jack hammering. The kids were very entertained. Free entertainment.... but not really free cuz we were paying a pretty penny for this. 

Thomas eventually woke up. It took them a good 4-5 hours to get it all broken up. Thomas enjoyed watching them. 

Then this is what we were left with for the weekend. 

The plan was to pour on Monday but again the rain kept them away. They did however show up later on Monday and framed up the steps. 

Tuesday was the day. They arrived about 3:30ish and the cement truck arrived at 4:00. 

Quite the show for the kids. They loved watching the cement pour out of the hose. They called it poop.

They finished it that evening. I left for my swim class and Kyle took the kids to drop off Isaac for Piano. This was where it was when I got home from swim about 7:15.

It lightened up as it dried. The railing will get put in, in a couple of weeks. And it's our responsibility to get the pavers in. A little over half of them went back in no problem... but the spot to the right is a little narrower so we're having to chisel some of the brick to get it to fit. Can't be easy.

We just have about four bricks left and will get to them eventually. 

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