Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Missouri Visit

Monday, August 13th we drove the 11.5 hours to Missouri, Kyle's mom's house. We used to be able to do this drive in about 8 hours, but with young kids we're doing good to get it in under 12 hours. 

We arrived Monday evening and got settled in. Tuesday we hung out and got the three older kids settled. Grandpa Les came for a visit. 

And we got the pool set up. Isaac, Mary, and Emma were staying with grandma for the week while Kyle, Thomas, and I went on our trip to Italy. They were SOO excited to get to stay at Grandma's and we were so excited for them. We had never left the kids before so this trip was pretty special.

 My mom came up Tuesday evening, she stayed with Kyle's mom the entire time and the two of them watched the kids. Grandpa Del was also there most of the daytime.

The kids had a great time and Emma kept asking the whole way home when she was going to get to go back to grandma's. Isaac loved playing games, ping pong and has been working hard on his sudoku and rubix cube ever since. Mary loved it too, but she was pretty ready to be home once we got in after our trip. 

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