Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Baby Update midway point

A little overdue for an update, well 11 days. We had an ultrasound on March 10th. And everything looked good! Praise the Lord. We had missed the early trimester screening and decided not to do the quad scan, so we were praying for a good read. That hematoma had also cleared up (or debris of second baby). 

Baby was very active and it was fun to watch HIM! (Yes it's a BOY!) 

He might have big feet like his brother.

Luckily no news is good news so nothing else really to report. Here is an updated timeline of my belly photos. It's been fun (and challenging) to get the designated fruit each week. I had to search all over for a pomegranate. Ended up paying $4.99 for it, but at least it tasted good and the kids enjoyed eating it. The artichoke was only $2.99 and it didn't get eaten. I was excited about the coconut ($3.99) but when we got it open half of it appeared to be rotten :-( 

Size of an avocado at 16 weeks:

Size of a pomegranate at 17 weeks:

Size of an artichoke at 18 weeks: 

Size of a mango at 19 weeks:

Size of a banana at 20 weeks:

Size of an endive...?? at 21 weeks or baby bok choy... seriously!?

And currently
Size of a coconut at 22 weeks:

Here are some outtakes and misc belly pics. 

This was today, Mary LOVES snuggling with baby and gets in quality baby time everyday. If she leans on too hard, or bumps into my belly she will say "sorry baby". In the morning she likes to get under the covers and curl up with my belly. It is the sweetest thing ever. 

Picking out the coconut
Untitled Untitled

Coconut outtake:

Post workout belly pics:
Untitled Untitled 

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