Thursday, January 30, 2014

January snow

I had to bite my tongue yesterday hearing about 'all the snow troubles' in the south. Really?!? Babies born on highways, kids staying overnight at school for an inch or two!?! 

Woke up at 4am to pee this morning and it hadn't started snowing yet. They were calling for 2.5" last night for Thursday morning. When Kyle left this morning the local newspaper was sharing on Facebook that metro would get up to 5". There wasn't much snow when he left about 7. When we got out to head to our music class at 9am we probably already had 5". I shoveled a path to the garage so Isaac wouldn't get eaten by snow as it would have been over his knees on the sidewalk. 

We made it to class thanks to the good 'ol 4x4 Jeep Cheerokee. I'm gonna miss that thing. The roads were a mess but we didn't have any trouble. When we got home there had probably been another few inches that fell. I tried to get some photos to capture our accumulation of snow this winter. 

I <3 it!!

Harpo doing his business. He is such a premadonna and won't go out unless I shovel the deck. 

Happy Winter! 

7" out our front door at noon. The snow has appeared to stop falling. 

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