Sunday, May 19, 2013

17 months

I'm a little late at writing this post but I wanted to get these memories down before they fade.

Words he will do on command: mama, dada, ball. Other words rah-rah (harpo), hi, yeah (yes). Sign words: milk, please, more, & sometimes thank you. 
Animal sounds: dog, cat, turkey, elephant, lion, snake, sheep, pig, duck, cow
Favorite book: hop on pop - but it is starting to fade 
Into fire trucks at the moment and says "ssssss" for the water. Also into putting things to his ear like a telephone and saying hi. 
Loves balls & doggies still. 
Clasps his hands at dinner to pray. 

Overall just a wonderful bundle of joy and so much fun. (although he is quite serious in this first photo, lol)

17 months-1

17 months-2

17 months-3

ETA: He was so cute when we went to get his blocks to bring them in the living room to get his 17 month picture. He knows just want to do with them now :-)

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