Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Santa Visit

visit santa 2012-3
We've been talking about Black Friday most of the week, although we are not big shoppers we were hoping to be able to find a pre-lit tree for the basement. Heard of a place called Gertens which is a florist-y place. When looking up their website to see if they were having Black Friday sales I saw that Santa would be there. We wanted to take Isaac at some point but were really dreading the line. The Santa at Gertens was a 'bring your own camera' which was appealing, so I figured we take a look; if there was a big line we'd do it another time, if not then there's our chance. And luckily there was no line at all!!! Which was great because he got to warm up a little.
visit santa 2012-4

visit santa 2012-6

Then came the lap sit.... Okay at first but then a typical response.

visit santa 2012-7

visit santa 2012-8

visit santa 2012-10

We even got a family picture, although mom and dad were not prepared (I had no makeup on and hadn't even brushed my hair and Kyle is due for a haircut)
visit santa 2012-11

Turns out we didn't get a tree there, but spent the rest of the day searching for one and shopping a little. And of course ended up at Mall of America of all places on BLACK FRIDAY! lol, but it actually wasn't too bad. Parking was a breeze and Isaac loved people watching and dancing in the stroller everytime we went into a new store :-P His new thing is dancing and it's so cute! I'll have to try and capture a good one on video soon.

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